Diary Entry Part 1- Leaving Indonesia

Diary Entry- Abbas’ POV

Slow echoing whispers, the creaking of the battered wood floor, My family, hastily rummaging through their belongings. I fought the urge to fall asleep as I too prepared for the journey ahead.

The night was cold and merciless. The constant silence gave off an eerie vibe. You could just barely hear the old rickety bus, waiting patiently for us in the background. 

I was first to step out of the door. The ground was soggy and mushy, dampened by the rain. The surrounding  had a strong, tropical smell. Soon, my family and I were hurrying to the bus, wary of the dangers lurking in the night.

It was old and beat up. The paint had been scratched away from years of driving through the impressive yet terrifying jungles of Indonesia.

I hopped into the bus. The insides were compact and cramped. I plopped myself down at the back. Before the bus departed, I took one last look at the shabby old cabin we had lived in for 2 months. Soon, we would be living in a different place, somewhere far worse.


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