What is “Happiness”

You may have noticed that the statements in the poem don’t exactly “connect” properly. Well, that’s because these statements were all written from different people from Room 8. For a cool little project, our class decided to do 6 roll and write poems. This way, everyone could contribute. We then split into groups, each group focusing on one bundle of statements. The category my group did was “Happiness”. We cut the statements into individual pieces and re-arranged them into a poem. Of course, the grammar could never be perfect, but the final project was good enough to present to the class and blog.

My Coat of Arms

A few days ago my class decided to look into the new bishop of Auckland, Stephen Lowe. One of the things we looked at was his coat of arms. Everything on his coat of arms signified something. It seemed cool so our teacher decided we should make our own coat of arms. Our coat of arms not only had to be good looking, it also had to be personal.

The color resembles the Filipino and American flag

The cross signifies me as being catholic, the jewels are the number of people in my main family

The seven stars on the blue banner represents me and my dad both being born on the seventh day in our birth month

The suns and the lion represents my zodiac sign, Leo

The grape vine represents all of my extended family, the right side is my dad’s, the left side is my mom’s. The grapes that are blue have died, the ones surrounded by thorns are divorced

The motto is my favorite part of the coat of arms. It means that you should live the way you want to live, don’t let other people’s standards and expectations change who you are, be your natural self.

Those are all the hidden meanings in my coat of arms. All of these relate to me in some way.


Funeral Train

The map above is a map of Michael Joseph Savage’s funeral train, as well as all the places visited by the train. When Savage died, the whole country mourned. To send him off, they held a funeral train traversing the whole north island. The train stopped at around 20 stations, those stations were filled with people, all with many prayers to offer. The train eventually stopped in Auckland, burying him in Bastion Point.

Fly Me Up – My Dream For The World


This post was inspired by a story called Fly Me Up. The story is based on Tiffany Singh, A social-practice artist who works with the local community. One of Tiffany’s works is called “Fly Me Up To Where You Are”. Basically, a bunch of flags are hung up. On those flags are the dreams of the community’s youth. Right below is my wish on a flag.