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Diary Entry- Ukraine

Diary Entry-

March 22, 2022-

My POV of the previous day-

Mom keeps telling me it’s just a holiday, but I know it’s not. I don’t understand why she’s trying to hide it from me. It’s blatantly obvious that we’re running from the war. Mom still thinks that I think that we’re going on a holiday. I guess I should keep this unaware facade up. It seems to give Mom a false sense of security, knowing that her kid isn’t aware of the horrors that are occurring around us. Snapping back to the reality, Mom and I hop onto a bus, It’s destination, The Polish-Ukrainian border. We sit down. Everyone around us has worried expressions. Once again, hinting at the fact that this isn’t a holiday. Having sat down near a window. I could see for myself, the absolute destruction we were driving past. Buildings were leveled, Bridges were collapsed. Raging infernos filled the sky with a thick layer of smoke, blocking out the sun. At this point, even a small child could figure out what was really going on. Mom seems to have given up on the whole “We’re going on a Holiday” act. Now, she’s on her phone, calling up the rest of the family. A couple hours pass by and we’re still on the bus, riding through the war-torn country of Ukraine. Looking out the window, the same old ravaged city was still there. I could hear the distant echoes of gunfire all around the bus. Maybe this is just a dream, maybe this is just one really long and traumatic dream. Maybe if I were to just doze off, I’d wake up snug in my bed. I could only hope it was a dream. But reality is a cruel thing. All this thinking has tired me. I can’t concentrate properly, my brain is overheating. Maybe I  should take a nap. Yeah…….. I should, after all, what’s the worst that could happen.

This piece was written because of a reading  project

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