The Journey of Marriage Through Life

For the past week or so, we have been learning about the vocation of Marriage. Today, we interpreted the concept of Holy Matrimony as a cycle. The main idea of the cycle was a circle. I used a wreath to portray a circle. It felt like a good fit seeing that Christmas isn’t too far away. As a class, we created a cycle with eleven steps. You can check it out above. Because it is a cycle, it repeats, and it repeats forever. Most people in my class used a circle or an object similar to a circle when creating the cycle. Some people used the Earth. One of my friends used some very sketchy and cheesy images, which ended up looking like a meme. It was interesting to look at the non-circle cycles. I loved being able to observe and learn from the uniqueness of other people’s imaginations. Anyways, that’s it for the Marriage cycles. Bye!!!!!

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