What I Think About Spiritual Formation in my School

Something interesting happened yesterday. Mrs Bullot came to our class to do an RE lesson. I don’t know the exact details of it, but apparently it’s a yearly thing. The main point of the lesson was something called spiritual formation. After a bit of learning, we made it to the last slide. We now had to make a DLO on what we, the students, think about spiritual formation. We had to do it on a slide deck, which I thought was weird, since it was just one thing, and we weren’t allowed to make more than one slide. I played with the page setup option for a bit before settling on a slide size that I was okay with. I had an idea in mind, and it wasn’t going to involve many words. As you can see, the main thing is a flower, illuminated by a shaft of light. A droplet of water is about to fall on the flower. On the flowers leaf, a bit of water is dripping down, forming a puddle on the ground, which is then being drank by ants. Basically, the flower is my spirit, the water is the holiness which is being provided to me by the school. The water overflowing and making a puddle on the ground is my holiness overflowing. The ants drinking are people who I share my holiness with. That’s pretty much it. After this we have to share it with Mrs Bullot, who will then share it with someone else.

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