What Heaven and Earth Look Like to Me

Heaven and Earth are the same yet different. For RE, each student had to create their own vision of what Heaven and Earth look like together. The main thing in this image is the tree. The tree is Heaven, which means the roots are Earth. The tree grows from the roots. On Earth, we pray and worship. We spread the word and grow, while staying together as one family in the Church. But just like the roots of the tree, our faith splits apart, creating differences. My Catholicism is just one of the many roots that branched out, but if you follow that root back to its beginning, it merges back with the other roots. The different versions of Christianity may have their different beliefs and celebrations, but the roots of those lie in one God. The Christianity we know today is like the roots under a great tree: They branch out but they come from one origin. These roots support and provide nutrients to a tree. Heaven is the goal we Christians strive to achieve. Through the strength and support we give with our roots, we allow heaven to grow. Someday, we will join our God in Heaven. The tree that comes from our determination is there for everyone to see.

And that’s all. Each student has a different version, and you can view theirs too. I hope you liked mine 🙂

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