Manaiakalani Film Festival 2022

The Festival

The Manaiakalani Film Festival just happened and it was pretty cool. We really got a good look at the full creativity of the other schools in the community. Along with watching the films, we also get to write about them. The films were great. Some were loud, creative and colorful. Others portrayed a deep and important message for young children. All the films were great, so no need to expect negativity.

By far my favorite was “Pokeblade”, a film by Panmure Bridge . The name was a mix of two amazing games, Pokemon and Beyblade. It was really creative and funny. The kids in the film did a great job as well. My second favorite is “School Photo Day Disasters!”.  The film had a unique old school vibe. The comedy was on point and the acting was perfect.

For your sake, I’m not going to describe every single movie, that would take way too long. But I will say that all the movies were great, they were funny and inspirational. I really am excited to see all the new and creative films next year.

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