Month: November 2022


This poem is similar to the Sadness poem I recently posted. It portrays Arlo’s emotions from the book Arlo and the Orca written by Monique Walker


Happiness sounds like laughing 

Feels like fun

Like a pure and happy life

Refreshing, clear, sweet

Cheerful laughter on a sunny day

Doing things you like

Happiness smells like a strong sweet flower

Like, YAY, Woohoo!

Joy in your heart

A large grin

Birthday cakes


Like summer

Happiness is about being who you are and having fun with friends and family


This Poem is similar to the Anger poem I recently posted. It portrays Arlo’s sadness from the book Arlo and the Orca written by Monique Walker



Cold tears dripping on your face

Water and cold air


Tears running down your face

Like a cold gust of wind

You are no one

Tears dropping out of your eyes

Into the ocean

Salty tears

Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu hu

You’ve had enough

Crying salty tears and sweat

Bitter feeling of guilt, depression and regret

Sadness is blue, a rainy day


Arlo and the Orca

A collaborative poem written by all of Room 8. This poem expresses our feelings of anger looking though the eyes of Arlo from Arlo and the Orca by Monique Walker


Anger feels like letting your rage out

A clenched fist

Blood, salty sweat

Growling and yelling

Rough and hot

Like a red face

Anger smells like danger

Like air

Shouting and screaming

Painful and hurtful

Madness and crazy actions of destruction

Like smoke

Burning coal

A fire raging and growing limitlessly

Anger is an emotion we want to show or not

It starts when we get upset about something


This week Monique and Stacy came to class and presented Monique’s book. We learnt that it’s okay to cry and that life can be moody and stormy with waves of emotion BUT to remember the sun will always come back and shine.

Thank you Monique for writing the book and Stacy for presenting it to us


Manaiakalani Film Festival 2022

The Festival

The Manaiakalani Film Festival just happened and it was pretty cool. We really got a good look at the full creativity of the other schools in the community. Along with watching the films, we also get to write about them. The films were great. Some were loud, creative and colorful. Others portrayed a deep and important message for young children. All the films were great, so no need to expect negativity.

By far my favorite was “Pokeblade”, a film by Panmure Bridge . The name was a mix of two amazing games, Pokemon and Beyblade. It was really creative and funny. The kids in the film did a great job as well. My second favorite is “School Photo Day Disasters!”.  The film had a unique old school vibe. The comedy was on point and the acting was perfect.

For your sake, I’m not going to describe every single movie, that would take way too long. But I will say that all the movies were great, they were funny and inspirational. I really am excited to see all the new and creative films next year.

Diary Entry 3 – New Beginnings – Abbas’ POV

Entry 3


Here it is, the grand gates to my new beginnings. I take a few steps anxiously, careful not to draw attention. The bittersweet aroma of the freshly trimmed fields, All the kids are laughing, enjoying their life. They skip and hop, without the slightest bit of fear in their minds. It would be a while until I started to fit in, but, everyone has to start somewhere.

The room was large and open. I could just make out the nearby whispers of my soon-to-be classmates. A man looks and walks over to me, “Must be the teacher” I thought to myself. He strode with confidence and authority. He greeted me with a few words in English. I could only understand some words like “Hello” and “How are you”, but he had a warm and welcoming aura. I felt safe around him. 

All the other kids ate quite strange looking foods. I took a seat next to some kids, they were having a conversation. It seemed like a normal thing for them, I couldn’t understand a thing but they looked fine and friendly.

I found the library to be cozy and peaceful. I could never go out on the field and place those rough and tough games with the other kids. Luckily, the library had books in my language. Slowly but surely, I started to learn some new English words. I was eager to test them out.

The final bell of the day rang, the kids hurried to pack their stuff and leave. School was okay, it wasn’t perfect but it was good enough. I wasn’t able to make any new friends but I could speak better English now. Hey, maybe tomorrow, I’d make a new friend,

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