The table below is a list of themes from an article I talked about in an earlier post. The article talks about the Ukrainian refugees and how they’re coping with the events of the war. The first half of the table is a list themes from the article that relates to me. The bottom half of the table is list of themes from the article that relate to the refugees in the article.


Something you love

Sacrifice yourself 

Sacrifice your money and time 


Strong bonds 

Care for one another

Fight for each other 

Supporting each other


Achieving your dreams

To have motivation 

Keep pushing forward, no matter what




Respect others 

Forgive others

Be charitable towards others.

Friends and family 

Their homes 

Money and food

Their culture and history

Praying for each other

Losing relatives to the war

Caring for each other in shelters 

To be free from war

To have peace 

To have food and shelter

To reunite with their families 

 Care from World Vision and other volunteers

Free shelter and food

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