High Diving Giraffes


Clip clop, Clip clop, clip clop. Turning the corner, I enter a long narrow hallway. The floor, walls and ceiling are covered by a seemingly infinite stretch of white tile. The sun shines through the many windows. The light bounces off the shiny white tiling. More and more giraffes emerge into the hallway. Cameras are rooted in the corners of the ceiling. The hallway reaches its end and I’m the first one to walk out. The overpowering smell of chlorine fills the air. Soon, we are walking up a tall spiral ramp. Glass panes decorated the edges. Clip clop, clip clop, Our band of giraffes reached the top, and a line seemed to be forming.


The line finishes forming and I’m the first one up. Straight ahead of me is a poorly lit corridor. At the end, the darkness stops and the light illuminates a giraffe, who appears to be suspended on a machine. I guess I should go, I am first after all. I take off in an instant. Clip, clop, clip clop, clip clop. I charge through all the way to the end. I enter the next room. I look around for a bit, it seems that I’m on a diving board, I look down to see crystal clear water. You could see all the way to the bottom. I look back at the giraffe on the machine. Ah, I get it, he must be here to help as dive. I quickly think of a move to do while I rush towards him, a simple backflip, nothing too flashy but good enough to impress. I cling on to the hanging giraffe as he swings me through the air. He lets go and I get into a backflip position. I twist and turn my body around, the room seems to be spinning every which way. I do the backflip as perfectly as I can. I then make my body as straight as a pencil. The air rushes past my face as I zoom towards the pool, for a brief moment, I feel like an eagle swooping down to catch its prey. I feel my adrenaline rising. If I mess up, I might get seriously hurt. I look at the water getting closer and closer, then all of the sudden, SPLASH!!


I gracefully enter the water. I feel the sudden cold rush up and down my body as I descend to the bottom. I tilt my body upwards to rise to the surface. Air bubbles materialise all around me. I slowly ascend back up. The air bubbles disappear and water floods my ears. I enter a state that I can only describe as serenity. There are no sounds, no gravity, no distractions, just me and my thoughts. Underwater, the only person I could talk to was myself. Rising up, I feel as if I was a dolphin, elegantly gliding through the deep blue. It’s like I’ve done this a million times before. Every move I make has been practiced and perfected. At last, I arise in shallow waters. I pick myself up and exit the swimming pool. Soon, more giraffes emerge from the waters. Once again, a line  forms. In a perfectly synchronised fashion, we all bend over to drink. I get up with excess water dripping from my mouth. I start to walk over to what seems like an exit. It turns out, the “exit” actually led back to the diving board. This time, there are two diving boards. Well, a second dive couldn’t hurt, After all, we are the High Diving Giraffes

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