Peter’s Perspective of the Journey

Peter’s Perspective of the Journey.

Over the past couple of days, Room 8 has been learning about a book called the Treasure Box. One of our activities about the book was a freeze frame. We had to make 2 freeze frames which were about “trudging along” and “huddling close at night”. During those freeze frames, Mrs George asked us questions about what our emotions were at the time. We then took those emotions and made a list. Using that list, we made a short story about the perspective of Peter, the main character of the story, in just 15 minutes. The story is about Peter and his Dad, along with other townsfolk, fleeing town after the enemies bombed the library.  Here’s the story now. 


“We’ve been walking for almost 4 hours now, when it is gonna end!. My entire body feels sore And my feet are bleeding, all this heavy luggage isn’t helping either. Everyone in the group is terrified and uncomfortable from walking with so much luggage. Some people have passed out from exhaustion. Us people at the back don’t even know where we’re going, we just have to hope that the people at the front know what they’re doing.


It’s extremely cold today and the rain isn’t exactly doing us a favour. All the smoke in the air has blocked out the sun. Most people have given up hope that they’re ever gonna be saved, but still continue to trudge along. My hands are sore from carrying so much luggage and my spine feels like it’s going to snap in half. Right now, our only hope for survival is to find some sort of shelter in a refugee camp or something”.

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